Welcome to Mrs. Red's Shed 

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My Story

Several years ago an idea was born. It was a long time coming, after spending countless weekends at antique auctions as a child and seeing drop dead gorgeous wooden furniture and lonely antiques crying out for attention. If I could somehow turn beautifully handmade antique furniture into something more appealing to our modern world again, it would have a new lease on life and be enjoyed for generations to come.
The character contained in an older piece of furniture is second to none. The craftsmanship, the patina and the history unite to make a truly unique item.
If I can save it, I will! If it is beyond saving in its original form, the challenge and fun of repurposing come into play.
Recycling, revamping, upcycling, repurposing, saving...call it what you will.
It is my passion and I would love to share it with you. 

Vintage too!

Vintage wares are the antiques of tomorrow. Not only do I search far and wide for antique furniture, I love a good treasure hunt for all things eclectic. All too often I find it nearly impossible to part with some of my finds but I do so with the knowledge that they will bring enjoyment to others, plus allowing me to search for so much more...
Taxidermy is a favourite, rusty gold, oriental, industrial pieces to mention a few and of course, carved wooden furniture. 

Each day brings a new challenge and every revamp has a different story. Sometimes I know exactly what I'm going to do with a certain piece and sometimes the idea slowly evolves into the final product. The fun is in the creating and the pride is in the outcome.